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Top of the range HDMI cable, with 24 AWG OCC copper conductors, 4K and HDR support.

Supreme HDMI Cable

The days when the Lumière brothers entertained crowds of people with the "magic" of early cinema are long gone, yet even today we are captivated by special effects or Oscar performances. Video playback has made great strides towards High Resolution, a resolution that is often even more refined than reality. In this type of digital Audio-Video reproductions, the amount of data is impressive and having a standard cable defeats all the effort of having chosen the best equipment on the market.

Key Features:

Supreme HDMI was created to avoid losing even the smallest detail. In a really refined reproduction, his is a fundamental role because it guarantees a fluid impact and contrast, impressive.

  • UNIQUE VISION AND LISTENING: Optimize your system thanks to an amazing data transfer with RicableSUPREME, the HDMI cable with +65% transfer rate (Bandwith 27 Gbps) compared to standard cables. TMDS and HEAC conductors are made of pure 24 AWG monocrystalline Solid Core Copper OCC with dedicated double shielding.
  • CANAL PASSAGE: Run your RicableSupreme cable through the cable ducts and corrugations of your system quickly and easily. It's specially designed to disassemble the connector and reassemble it after the pass, all you need is a 2 cm channel and you're done.
  • CERTIFICATE: HDMI 2.0 certified cable, the new frontier of High Definition Audio-video. The Supreme series not only meets the minimum specifications required by the HDMI consortium, it also exceeds them by far and always offers the best on the market. The Supreme series is backwards compatible with HDMI 1.4 and 1.3 versions, both in functionality and features.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Ricable Supreme is designed all in Italy, supports 4K-60Hz, Ultra HD 3D. Full support also for HDR Dynamic and ARC. Support for native playback in 21:9 wide angle format, the same format as cinema playback, which represents the future of home entertainment. Native support for up to 32 audio channels for an unprecedented multi-dimensional experience.
  • Bandwidth: > 29 Gbps
  • Clock Rate: 1000 MHz
  • Support of: Ultra HD 4K, 3D and 3D 4K, 32 Audio Channels, Lossless Audio up to 1563 kHz, Native Video 21:9, Ethernet Channel (HEC), AudioReturn Channel (ARC), Multistream audio/video
  • HDMI version: 2.0 with Ethernet (backwards compatible with 1.4 and 1.3 technologies)
  • External Diameter: Ø 9 mm
  • Construction Conductors: Double Twisted with main conductors in separate screen
  • Strand Diameter: 24 AWG Solid Core
  • Material Conductors: Pure Copper OCC Monocrystalline 99.9999%
  • Dielectric Insulating: Very high density PTFE
  • Internal Shielding: Mylar and Aluminium
  • External Shielding: Copper Braid OFC Tinned Braid increased
  • External Protection: Nylon sock with high mechanical resistance
  • Connector Material: Anti-Disturbance Alloy
  • Contacts: 24 K Gold plated
  • Special Features: Removable connector for easy passage in duct diameter 20 mm Inner, Special materials for reduction of total outer diameter

Standard HDMI: 2.0
Marka: Ricable