Ricable ACROSS HDMI 2.0 - Raty 0% - Specjalne Kody Rabatowe - Instal Audio Konin

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ACROSS HDMI is the best solution to the problem of corrugated installation, because its connector can be removed before passing through the duct and then easily reassembled even by an inexperienced hand.

Across HDMI Cable

Watching a Film that enthuses with the whole Family is one of life's little satisfactions. With the advent of 4K Ultra HD, this activity has become even more exciting. Obviously, to have the full support of all these technologies, it is essential to use a quality cable, but it may not be enough. Sometimes you have to face installation difficulties (wiring) that frighten even the most daring. Cable ducts are the worst enemy to deal with, because headlining an HDMI cable with quality is a rather complex procedure.

Key Features

Thanks to RicableAcross, you only need to have a corrugated at least 2 cm and in a short time, without effort, you can upgrade your system with a quality cable, totally avoiding complex interventions.

  • THE IDEA: Run your RicableAcross cable in the Cable Trays and Corrugated of your system quickly and easily! Specially designed to disassemble the connector and reassemble it after the pass, all you need is a 2 cm channel and you're done.
  • PERFORMANCE: Optimize your system thanks to an amazing data transfer with RicableAcross, the HDMI cable with 20% transfer rate (Bandwith 21 Gbps) compared to standard cables. See with your own eyes the difference in definition, image fluidity and audio that your system is really capable of, thanks to OFC Pure Copper Conductors with 24K Gold plated contacts.
  • QUALITY: The TMDS and HEAC Conductors for the lengths from 1 to 15 meters, are in pure OFC Copper 99.999% Solid Core 25 AWG, while for the 20 mt the conductors are 24 AWG. Ricable Across is designed all in Italy, supports 4K-60Hz, Ultra HD 3D. Full support also for HDR Dynamic and ARC.
  • PROTECTION: Forget interference: Thanks to the Shielded Noise Connector and triple shielding, RicableAcross is invulnerable to interference from other nearby devices.
  • Bandwidth: > 21 Gbps
  • Clock Rate: 720 MHz
  • Support of: Ultra HD 4K, 3D and 3D 4K, 32 Audio Channels, Lossless Audio up to 1563 kHz, Native Video 21:9, Ethernet Channel (HEC), AudioReturn Channel (ARC), Multistream audio/video
  • HDMI version: 2.0 with Ethernet (backwards compatible with 1.4 and 1.3 technologies)
  • External Diameter: Ø 7.4 mm
  • Construction Conductors: Double Twisted with main conductors in separate screen
  • Strand Diameter: 25 AWG Solid Core
  • Material Conductors: Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99.999%.
  • Dielectric Insulating: PE Foamed high density
  • Internal Shielding: Mylar and Aluminium
  • External Shielding: Copper Braid OFC Tinned Braid increased
  • External Protection: Nylon sock with high mechanical resistance
  • Connector Material: Anti-Disturbance Alloy
  • Contacts: 24 K Gold plated
  • Special Features: Removable connector for easy passage in duct diameter 20 mm Inner, Special materials for reduction of total outer diameter

Standard HDMI: 2.0
Marka: Ricable